Most of the pips-out rubbers are available as topsheets as well. If you're wanting pips topsheets, go to the pips page. If you want sponge glued to your topsheet, you need to order one from the sponges page.

Globe 999/999t Topsheet

I like this topsheet a lot. Consistent, soft, good weight. Price is reasonable. Despite previous experience, T version does seem more tacky lately.

OUT OF STOCK REGULAR BLACK (T version is available)


LKT Pro XP/XT Topsheet

The popular Friendship topsheets from the inverted rubbers. Fairly thin and soft.


Palio CJ8000 (Regular) Topsheet

Lighter than most topsheets and about half as tacky. Nice soft texture.


Palio CJ8000 (Quality B, C) Topsheet

This is a very high quality topsheet. I'm carrying it in 1.4mm which is feather light and 1.5 which is just a hair thicker. They're very Euro. Not super tacky but grippy and spinny because they're soft and thin. Good for putting on thick sponges while remaining within legal thicknesses. Extremely light.



Friendship 804 anti

I use to not carry this topsheet because it wasn't really very anti and it was super heavy. I had it requested later and found it to be more anti and lighter than it used to be. Anyway, I know some people like it and it's probably the correct deadness for blocking and hitting.


729 FX and RITC 2000 Tackspeed Topsheet

Old school Chinese topsheets. Both are very tacky but FX is tackier and is softer with longer, thinner pip. 2000 is made with a different pip structure tweaked slightly "flatter" to favor a little more pushing and hitting.