USA Shipping

International Shipping

I reserve the right to refuse any order (with full refund of course) due to shipping infeasibility or for any other reason I deem appropriate. Please contact me for more accurate quotes, especially if you're outside the US. It's really best to email me before placing an international order to discuss the shipping options available. It has always been my policy to try to charge no more than the actual shipping cost and I frequently refund shipping overpayments. However, I am also no longer in a position to guarantee the postal systems of other countries, especially on expensive orders. Again, if you place an order, it will either be filled or you'll get an email with clarification. Always when ordering from anyone, please remember to check your Paypal/CC email occasionally after ordering for correspondance.

Canadian customers no worry Regular shipping to Canada is cheap and now trackable. Typically around $8 for two rubbers, $14 for a combo.