Air Wavestone and Wave Blue

Speed: OFF
Weight: ~86g
Plies: 3W + 2 ZLC

This blade is replacing the previous Dawei version, but it is slightly different. The blade is still 3 wood plies with the thick center ayous and thin outers, but the outer plies have been switched to koto. The composite is a carbon mesh with a soft, red/blue arylate weave.

Introducing the new "Wave Blue." A similar make and feel but with blue design and blue weave in with the carbon.


Dawei Genote Quattro F

Speed: OFF
Weight: ~87g
Plies: 3W + 2 Fiberglass

The Genote F is made with the highest quality of limba available, giving it a Swedish looping feel. GenF contains two layers of glass fiber to add consistency across the blade face and dampen the vibration just a tiny bit. The blade is fairly soft and a little flexible making it great for a Euro-looping game. Spinny and on the border between offensive and off-.



Galaxy W1 Wood King

Speed: OFF-
Weight: 87g ±3
Plies: 7W + 2 Carbon

Why would the "Wood King" have two layers of carbon? That's what I wanted to know too. Honestly, I was kind of disappointed to find out that it did, until I tried it that is. This thing has the solid feel of carbon, but virtually no "PING" at all. Very high quality: soft with tons of feel and unique construction. Top quality materials including the limba outers, blade plays great, craftsmanship top notch.


Galaxy T10/T11

Speed: OFF+
Weight: 70g ±3
Plies: 3W + 2 Carbon

I have this one listed separately because it's a different animal from the rest of the T series. T10 is a very thick Balsa carbon. Superfast speed, but the softness of the Balsa does give it a bit of spin too. If you want maximum power in an ultralight blade, this is the one. This is a hitting blade, not a looping blade. Some long pips players like this type of blade because it minimizes dwell, which maximize reversal. Availability of straight to accommodate twiddling.


Galaxy T7 / T8s

Speed: T7 (OFF-), T8 (OFF)
Weight: (86g ±3)
Plies: T7 (3W + 2 Arylate Carbon), T8 (5W + 2 AC)

The T series is considered among the higher quality makes of Galaxy, and are often compared to more expensive Butterfly arylate carbon blades. They have a more traditional carbon feel with higher pitch tone. The T7 is correctly marked as "medium" speed. I would call it off-. The T8 I would call offensive but not off+.

*T7 not available in STRAIGHT*


Gambler Oversize Kevlar/Carbon

Speed: DEF
Weight: ~80g
Plies: 3W + 2 Kevlar

Great blade for a defensive minded player who still needs some ability to attack. It definitely leans toward defense though. he kevlar gives it great touch and consistency for blocking, especially drop shot or dead ball blocking. This blade has probably more control than anything I carry besides the Toxic 3.


Gambler Arylate Carbon

Speed: OFF-
Weight: 87-90g is typical
Plies: 5W + 2 Arylate Carbon

This is a control looping-oriented composite blade, but it still has some kick and flex. Tone is very nice. Not much carbon "tonk" sound at all. This blade plays well in the short game compared with other soft composite blades. If this is your first non premade, and you're set on composite, this is a reasonable choice.


Galaxy MC2

Speed: OFF-
Weight: 80-85g is typical
Plies: 5wood plus 2 crystal carbon

This is a popular blade that has sold well over time. Kind of a normal wood blade but the outer coating is "crystal carbon?" In any case, it plays well.


Galaxy V14 Carbokev

Speed: OFF
Weight: 85g ±3
Plies: 5W + 2 Kevlar Carbon

V14 is a softish carbon with kevlar weave. Has the feel of many popular European looping rubbers. This is Galaxy's replacement of the popular but discontinued K4. Kevlar in the weave reduces vibration and dampens the carbon tone.