Most of these pips come without sponge (OX) because it allows me to customize to the specs of each order. If I tried to carry every possible permutation of sponge under each pip I'd go mad. The Dawei lightning pip is what used to be called cannon, and even it is at least the quality of sponge as what any of these factory versions would carry if I ordered them preassembled, and mostly better. I have a button below to make it a $5 to buy the sponge and have it assembled to the preceding topsheet in the order.

Or if you want to consider some of the higher quality sponges, look on the tops/sponge page. To be honest, at 1.0 and lower I don't really think it matters what sponge you pick that much, but some dont agree. I can't tell the difference when it's that thin anyway. I'll assemble the top to the sponge for you, which by the way is no easy task with some of these thin-backed chinese pips, so please forgive me if it's not quite factory perfect at times. It will be close enough or I'll start over and do it again. I just got in some ultrasoft 30deg sponge I'm calling "Dawei butter" that would offer great control with short pips.

Also, I carry a lot of odd pips that I don't have room to list here, so if you have a request, shoot me an email and maybe I have it. Currently I'm carrying Galaxy Pluto, Neptune, Palio 561, Double Fish 802a, Dawei Regular 388d-1 and c-1 and c-1, just off the top of my head. Most of those are $7 or below without sponge. C-1 is a softer medium pip that you can actually chop with a bit that sells pretty well.

Add Sponge to Topsheet

Probably this is going to be cannon (white air sponge around 38deg), but may be substituted with other sponges of similar cost, or I may match sponges with the selection. Whatever I use it will be at least the quality of the factory sponge that normally comes under the pips, and probably much better. Be aware that many of the long pips with thin base are difficult for me to glue perfectly, but I think on average I do as good of a job as can be done.

Save $1 when ordering with a topsheet!


Air UPUPUPUP Topsheet (Long Pips)

I'm putting my best long pips topsheet on sale for $12, but only as an ox topsheet. If you want sponge you have to buy it seperately using the add a sponge button above, or by custom ordering your sponge. I have it factory made on 0.6 soft sponge in both types, so if you use the add a sponge button you will get the factory sponge. Otherwise I'll be custom gluing it. To meet ITTF compliance we're carrying only one version. It is the version "formerly known as" US. The version with more reversal.


Air Panamera (Short Pips)

Air's offensive short pip. Thick base sheet gives it some dwell for good no sponge play.


Globe Pips: 888, 888-2, 889, 889-2, 979

I just got these in and really don't have descriptions, other than the physical. I would note that the production quality of these looks nicer than average for pips:

  • 888 is a knobby, larger kind of medium/short pip? Probably for hitting
  • 888-2 is the wider variation
  • 889 is a standard short pip
  • 889-2 is a wider short pip for more spin
  • 979 is a traditionally popular long pip


Globe Mo Wang Long I and II

These are supposed to be Globe's newest and best long pips. Version I is a regular, thinner long pip and version 2 is a wider pip probably for more stable and flatter blocking.


SavigaV (Long Pips)

Kind of a hitting pip from Dawei.


Air Panamera Topsheet (Short Pips)

Thick base sheet adds dwell to this short pip. Good hardbat rubber, although not legal for official hardbat events.


Air Classique Topsheet (Short Pips)

This is a short pip designed for classic hardbat play. Medium spin, good dwell. As versatile as a harbatter's game. It is ITTF approved and legal in regular events, but not on the list of approved rubbers for US hardbat events. This rubber is designed to use no sponge and I don't recommend it to be put on sponge.



Dawei 388d-1 Regular and D1 Quattro Topsheet (Long Pips)

This is a semi-soft long pip that still gives some reversal, so it's kind of positioned between punching and chopping. If you sink the ball you can get some spin from the sides of the pips. I have the quattro version factory made on 0.6, so if you use the add a sponge button you will get the factory sponge. If you want to add thicker sponge, I'll glue it here for you.

The regular version is softer and has seen a resurgance in popularity among traditional choppers. The regular is especially difficult to glue, so please be understanding if you ask me to glue.



Gambler Peacekeeper OX Topsheet (Medium-Short Pips)

A medium pip designed to give or take off spin. Makes a nice, traditional hardbat that is approved by the committee for official hardbat tournaments. Thick base sheet makes this easy to glue on.



Meteor 8512 Topsheet (Long Pips)

Meteor makes a lot of junky premades and stuff, but for some reason they make one of the best playing long pips coming out of china. This one is pretty funky and has sold well for me over a period of years. Production quality isn't always perfect and they can be a little messy for me to glue, but I'll do my best if you need me to.


National Team Pogo Topsheet (Long Pips)

Seems a cross between medium and long pip, with more funkiness than typical for medium. Seems to have a softer feel than some medium pips as well.


RITC 802 Topsheet (Short Pips)

This is a very short pip rubber. Fast with medium spin as short pips go. I stock the topsheets by themselves, so can put them custom onto your sponge of choice. . I'm also keeping one each red and black of 802-1 on hand as well.


RITC 802-40 Topsheet (Short Pips)

This topsheet has changed a bit from what it was. Now the base sheet and formulation is more like regular 802, but still a little wider for more friction. The price did go down accordingly, at least.


DHS C8 (Long Pips)

It's been a long time since I tried these, but it seems like I remember them being a hitting long pip, almost behaving as a medium pip but with better funk.


RITC 837 Topsheet (Long Pips)

837 is not a max reversal kind of top. But it's also one of the easiest to attack with and to control in general. So this is more of a long hitting pip.


RITC 799 Topsheet (Medium-Short Pips)

This pip is just a little taller than 802. It feels a bit softer as a result. Makes a great hardbat pip although currently not on the short list approved by hardbat committee.


RITC 755 Topsheet (Long Pips)

755 long pips are more reversing than 837 but also maintain good attacking properties. Deng Yaping, the best woman ever to pick up a racket, used this rubber on her backhand with a 1.0 sponge. And she DIDN'T chop with it.


RITC 563 Topsheet (Medium Pips)

563 is a medium pip. Not reversing like a long pip, but more like an anti. It kills the spin and makes kind of a knuckle. Drives with this rubber kind of dip and are dead and very hard to lift.



XiYing 979 Topsheet (Long Pips)

I'm carrying this pips because two good long pips players have told me this is the slowest pip they know of. So if your aim is to take as much off the ball as possible, this should be a good choice. Still with decent reversal.


729 Dr Evil Topsheet (Short Pips)

A short pip made of an less spinny material to give a bit of reversal like a long pips. Despite not being as funky as most lp rubbers, this rubber is still quite tricky. You can put on your own spin, block back a dead knuckle, or send back quite a bit of backspin if you cut very thinly when you chop. It chops excellently actually. It returns serve extremely well. Many people have tried to put this topsheet on sponge and by all accounts it's terrible. This topsheet was made for OX use and it should not be combined with sponge. Gluing this topsheet onto the blade is very easy compared with most of my other pips ox sheets due to the thick, inert base sheet.