Welcome to Cole's Table Tennis! Here you'll find a selection of products for sale at great prices, as well as reviews. There are also videos on gluing and cutting rubber, and applying topsheet onto sponge.

Check out our current specials below:

Premade Buster Combo

Speed: N11n (OFF-), R2 (OFF)
Weight: 165-185g
Plies: 5W

Why buy a premade when you can get a custom-made racket at the same price?

For intermediate to advanced players, one of these blades combined with Dawei 2008 rubbers beats any name brand premade under $60 at least.

*OUT OF STOCK TOUCH01 flared. Currently offering Yinhe N11 as substitute (in flared and straight) and it is a good substitute*

Penholders please use the combo page so that you can specify gap, or send an accompanying email with preferences. Otherwise I will assume a 1/2" forehand gap.

Comes with round case, plastics — ready to play. Penholds will be gapped to just above 1/2" on the forehand side.

Red Rubber Thickness
Black Rubber Thickness

Beginner Combo

Speed: All- to ALL+
Weight: 155-165g
Plies: 5W

With a Air Touch01 Blade and Gambler Reflectoid rubbers, this is an ideal choice for beginners, kids, or anyone needing a very lightweight setup with reasonable spin and tons of control.

With Defender it has more tospin kick and more of a control loop feel while still chopping well at 1.5.

With 999t it would be for a heavy spin serve/push/hit game.

Comes with round case, tape, plastics — ready to play. Penholds will be gapped to just above 1/2" on the forehand side.

*OUT OF STOCK TOUCH01. Now offering the classic and well-reviewed Yinhe n11 in straight and flared which should be a nice match for this. Right now I don't know if Touch01 is coming back or not but it won't be soon.

*Introducing the TouchUL, a thinner lighter version of touch01 with a thinner handle and very cool orangy look and good production quality.*


Matrix Combo

Weight: around 175g
Plies: 5W

The classic affordable limba blade in three handles with your choice of AirOriginals rubber. Free upgrade to matching green eliptic galaxy case. Penholds will be gapped to just above 1/2" on the forehand side. We are transitioning the Matrix from Dawei to Air branding, you may get either lens for a while. The only difference is the lens. *OUT OF STOCK MATRIX FLARED*

The new Air Touch'05 is a thinner blade with a very thin blue layer of arylate carbon and koto outers. The Touch'05 plays softer with more dwell and control but isn't slow. Perhaps a bit dampened from the arylate. Color scheme is magenta/gray and comes with a gray case otherwise identical to the green pictured. Flared only on the Touch'05.

Introducing a new blade I'm temporarily calling MatrixII. A similar design of limba/spruce/ayous, this blade has a thinner core for more flex and a snappy yellow on black handle design. Would make a nice beginner to intermediate combo combined with defender 1.5/1.7.

Were changing the color scheme of the Wavestone, so I'm making the yellow waves available here.

Finally, I had a small batch of Quattro Limba's with a blackish handle design that I'm going to make available on this combo.

Comes with eliptic case, tape, plastics — ready to play..

Black Rubber
Red Rubber

The Budget Looper

Speed: ALL+
Weight: 175-180g
Plies: 5W

Featuring the 896 and full thickness Yinhe Mercury 2 Soft rubber, the Budget Looper is designed for the experienced topspin player working on a budget. Mercury 2 starts out sticky at first, but it quickly wears to grippy with soft, lively sponge. Penholds will be gapped on the forehand side.


Yinhe EP100 Sandpaper Paddle

I guess this is kind of a thing now, called Liha. I thought people also may want them for nostalgia, or maybe something for the occasional guest who wants sandpaper. If I had to use one of these I'd quit playing immediately! I enjoy playing against one even less.

Overweight Blades

Speed: Depending On Selection
Weight: 94-102g
Plies: Depending On Selection

Some guys like them heavy... you know who you are! But seriously, I have collected a lot of heavy blades over the years, and I have some in most makes. I sell a lot to people with pips or hardbat who want weight, but not enough. Blades 93-100g are 25% off. 100g+ are half-off.

Email for availability and harpoon one today!

Current overweight stock is mostly Dawei R2, GTO, Wavestone, etc.

HEAVY AIR TOUCH 25 BLADES CARBON AND WOOD WITH WENGE OUTER, odd blades, samples, heavy or cosmetically damaged rubbers for return boards.